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Private Investigator Jobs, How to Get Hired!

Getting Private Investigator jobs is quite easy in North America. Getting to a point where you can "perform well" in these PI jobs will be a challenge. Many states and jurisdictions allow you to get a Private Investigator job unlicensed under a fully licensed PI agency. So, even though the licensing requirements might be strict, just being able to work a job as a PI will be easy. Information regarding getting a Private Investigator job by working unlicensed is difficult to come by. This is why we have written extensively about working as a brand new Private Investigator in various states, provinces, and countries in our Novel Data PI Blog. Once you obtain the type of PI education we have discussed in previous articles you should have a high chance of obtaining a job as a Private Investigator, working under a fully licensed Private Investigator. Not only will you get a job as a PI, you will start to be able to perform professional investigations.

Private Detective Aptitude Test

What Education do I Need to Increase my Chance of Getting a Private Investigator Job?

To get a Private Investigator job, you need education regarding the PI industry and how to perform PI jobs. There are many jobs a PI can perform; however, surveillance and Desk Investigations are the most common.

  1. Learn about the Private Investigator job industry

  2. Learn Desk Investigations

  3. Learn Surveillance

Private Detective Aptitude Test

Thinking of Getting Job as a Private Investigator?

“ICPI Level 100 online Private Investigator Job Training” is the ultimate blueprint to start your exciting and rewarding career as a real Private Investigator.

ICPI will help you start successfully in this amazing new career, even if you know nothing about the job of investigations.

Our team has vetted out the best training and investigative methods so that you can jump-start your journey towards having the meaningful career you’ve always wanted, immediately.

This training system will provide you, a successful detective, with all the templates that you need to succeed. A clear path on becoming a PI, understanding the PI business, becoming a successful PI, and thinking like a detective- all the tools you need to make six figures being an investigative Operative.

To date, this online training system consists of over 100 informational slides, videos, exercises and quizzes that provide a step-by-step path on how to achieve your dream job as a Private Investigator.

ICPI Level 100 takes about two weeks to complete with over 30 hours of high-quality training content that will make you a Private Investigator well on your way to becoming an expert in this fascinating career.


Get a certificate that "actually" matters. When you get certified by Novel Data in the 100 Level course, Private Investigator agencies will be aware that you understand the PI industry. This will give you a great competitive edge in the PI job market. Most PI applicants know very little about the PI job they are applying to. Not you. A PI hiring manager will not want to risk turnaround by hiring someone unfamiliar with the industry, they will choose an applicant who is familiar with what will be expected of them. With Novel Data's certification, that applicant will be you!