What is a Private Investigator?

A Private Investigator or Private Eye is a civilian employed by a private company hired to investigate “subjects” by a customer. The “subject” is usually a person or persons but can also be a business. The customer can be an individual, corporation, and even a government agency. The Private Investigator, or sometimes called Private Detective, can investigate a wide variety of things; however, Private Investigators mostly investigate insurance fraud for insurance companies. Private Detectives typically take on investigative cases that do not fall under the purview of a government agency, such as civil matters while government agencies will cover serious criminal cases. Because a Private Eye is just a normal civilian, they do not have any special investigative privileges. A Private Eye has the same authority of any civilian citizen with the exception that a PI is allowed to offer investigative services to customers.

Private Detective Aptitude Test

The most common customers, usually called clients, for Private Eyes are insurance companies, law firms, and private corporations. Investigations conducted for these clients will frequently involve potential fraud. Other clients will want to obtain more detailed information in order to adjudicate or manage an insurance claim. Many of these cases are mitigated through the hiring of a Private Detective. They can include both surveillance and non-surveillance efforts. Investigations often obtain more information faster than legal processes such as discovery (the pretrial disclosure of relevant evidence), thus providing the Investigator’s clients more information for decision-making. The Investigator’s clients can ask for investigations on a wide variety of topics such as,