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how to become a private investigator

In-Person Sessions, Guest & Keynote Speaking


NOVEL DATA will connect the dots

All subject matter can be customized into a full day course or modified for Guest or Keynote engagements. 


how to become a pi

Surveillance Tech & Techniques

Client Perspective -  Best practices overview of  meaningful and appropriate KPI's and SOP's for the modern experienced Surveillance Investigator

Investigative Best Practices and Measuring ROI

Client Perspective - Authorizing an investigation, should not be viewed as a gamble where you win some and lose some. This course combines best practices and KPIs measured against ROI. What is a successful investigation and why?

Full-Day or 1/2 Day Course and Modified for Guest or Keynote engagement

Keynote Speakers
how to be a private investigator

Large Group Training & Public Speaking Engagements

All courses can be conducted in-person or via our distant learning platform with live virtual lectures and classrooms. Courses can be modified, condensed, and customized based on client needs, funding, timing, and specific requirements.

Engaging with a Private Investigator 


Designed to highlight and demystify the capabilities of a Professional Investigator. Content is client-focused toward Insurance Companies, Associations, TPA's, Case or Claims Managers, Independent Adjusters, Paralegals, Lawyers, SIU, Corporate Investigators & Security as well as Public and Private Corporations.

The course or session, will detail and outline in general what should be expected when hiring an investigator and engaging with an Investigative firm.

  1. What is a modern Professional Investigator? 

  2. Why is experience, equipment, and training the determining factors in the success of any investigation?

  3. How has the Investigative Industry changed and how are things evolving.?

The course or session will also highlight some industry standards and optimal engagement processes or protocols with investigative companies, best practices for engagement, standards, KPI’s, SOP's and expected outcomes.

Introduction to a Career as a Professional Investigator

ICPI - 101

becoming a private investigator (2).jpg

The ICPI 100 course has been designed so that anyone taking the course, once completed, should be confident that they have what it takes and want to pursue a career as a Private Investigator. Participants will gain a broad understanding of how the industry is structured. Participants will also learn what types of file assignments are considered traditional and how or where does someone “new” to the business “Get Hired” and get their “start.”. 

Learn from Investigators that have worked in the field and around the world. One of the hardest parts of getting a start as a Private Investigator! is Getting Hired. With Novel Data Investigative Learnings Private Investigator or Private Detective training courses, you will gain knowledge and meaningful tangible skills to reduce or eliminate the risk to employers in hiring someone with no experience.

Introduction to a Career as a Professional Investigator

ICPI - 101

become a private investigator

Successful completion of ICPI 101 will empower Students with meaningful & tangible skills that employers are looking for in new hires, without the prerequisite of experience. Completion of ICPI 101 will build students' confidence through acquired and tangible skills or techniques. Most importantly our courses will reduce or eliminate the risk to companies looking to hire new or inexperienced Investigators.

Successful completion of ICPI 101 & ICPI 100 should reduce or eliminate the risk to companies looking to hire “New” or inexperienced Investigators. In addition, students will attain tangible and applicable skills needed for success. Students will gain clarity, insights, and direction benefiting them during their first few years. ICPI 101 will help Investigators to understand what will be required or expected of them while they learn and gain experience, developing into a reputable sought after and established Professional Private Investigator.

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