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How to be a private Investigator

ICPI - 100

Learn from Investigators that have worked in the field and around the world. One of the hardest parts of getting a start as a Private Investigator! is Getting Hired. With Novel Data Investigative Learnings Private Investigator or Private Detective training courses, you will gain knowledge and meaningful tangible skills to reduce or eliminate the risk to employers in hiring someone with little or no experience.

Aspiring Investigators often think about the physical license as the main goal of the start of their journey as a Private Investigator. The regulatory licensing is important but employers view a license, similar to that of a driver's license, its a requirement, but it does not demonstrate or indicate that you have experience or skills to make an immediate positive impact on an assignment or their business. 

When you are new to the Private Investigation or Private Detective industry the fastest way to gain the necessary experience is to Get Hired with a reputable firm. Getting Hired without experience is not likely to happen. So, on one hand, you need the experience to Get Hired and on the other hand, you need to Get Hired to gain experience. This situation is referred to as a 

Catch-22 or a Paradox. 

ICPI - 100 is a totally self-paced online distance learning course. The main purpose is to explain the industry in general and what is generally like when you are new and just starting out. This is important to demystify what people think being a Private Investigator is really like vs. what they think and see in the media, TV, or Films. Once completed your eyes will be wide open and you will be clear that you want to pursue becoming a Private Investigator or not. Students will also understand in general what is valuable before investing in the one thing outside of experience that will enable you to Get Hired, which is TRAINING. 

private investigator training

The ICPI 100 Course will help you decide and demonstrate to prospective employers that you understand the business and you are even more committed and sure this is the right career path for you. 

Introduction to a Career as a Professional Investigator

ICPI - 100 Course Outline

ICPI - 100 Course Outline

Table of Contents

Vancouver Private Investigator.jpg

1.    Regional Licensing requirements

        for Professional

        Private Investigators

       a)    Regional similarities

       b)    Regional differences

2.   Common Misconceptions about

       the Private Investigation


3.   The learning curve of a

       Private Investigator

4.   Personal challenges encountered

       as a Private Investigator

       a)    Scheduling

       b)    Results

       c)    Financial Investment

       d)    Expectations

5.    Areas of specialization as a

        Private Investigator

       a)    Outline and explanation

private investigator course

6.    Types of clients & corresponding

        file requirements

       a)    Outline and explanation

7.    How Investigators obtain

        assignments & hours of work

       a)    Surveillance Investigations

       b)    Undercover Investigations

       c)    Desk Investigations

       d)    How results impact more work

8.    What factors will determine    

         your aptitude in Becoming a

         Private Investigator

9.    What makes a “Good” & “Great”,

        Private Investigator?

10. Physical health requirements

       & health considerations

How to become a private investigator

11. Equipment needed to get started

      as a Private Investigator

    *Equipment Map

       a)    On person gear-bag

       b)    In-vehicle

       c)    Admin equipment – Home office

       d)    Need to have Equipment

       e)    Nice to have Equipment

12. Computers, tablets, and peripherals

13. Common terminology

14. NATO – Phonetic Alphabet 

15. The Investigative Mindset

      a)    Deductive Reasoning

      b)    Critical Thinking

      c)    Esoteric, Instinct or the Sixth Sense

      d)    Case examples

      e)    Demographics

      f)     Pattern Recognition

15 Modules - 101 pages - 13,728 Words

      34 hours

Lesson Plans have not been included in this overview

becoming a private investigator

ICPI 100

Sample Module #2

ICPI 100

Sample Module #3

Navigating the unknown through detailed, insightful firsthand experienced subject matter experts.

private investigator course

Our training courses will fill the gap of experience and provide participants with tangible and applicable skills needed for early success.  Our training courses will increase your odds of "Getting Hired" and reduce or eliminate the risk to companies looking to hire “new” inexperienced Investigators.

Once you have completed ICPI 100. 

Please call and inquire about ICPI 101. Successful completion of ICPI 101 will empower Students with meaningful & tangible skills that employers are looking for in new hires without the prerequisite experience. Completion of ICPI 101 will build students' confidence and most importantly reduce or eliminate the risk to companies looking to hire “new” inexperienced Investigators.

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