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Learn from Investigators who have worked around the world. One of the hardest parts of getting a start as a PI is getting hired. With Novel Data, you will gain knowledge and meaningful tangible skills to help get you hired!

Aspiring Investigators think about the license as the start of their journey. Licensing is important but employers view a license as similar to that of a driver's license. It is a requirement but it does not demonstrate that you have the experience or skills to get hired and succeed. You need to get hired to gain experience. You need experience to get hired. This is a catch-22 we aim to solve.

ICPI 100 is a totally self-paced online distance learning course. The course teaches about the industry and what is it like when you are "new" and just starting out. We demystify what being a PI is really like vs. TV, and films. Once completed your eyes will be wide open and you will be clear in your pursuit of becoming a Private Investigator.

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The “ICPI Level 101" ON-LINE Private Investigator training program is the ultimate blueprint to start your exciting and rewarding career as a real Professional Private Investigator by teaching you how to perform successful investigations.

ICPI 101 will teach you how to perform investigations that fit your employer's high standards, even if you know nothing about private investigations.

Our team has vetted out the best training and investigative methods so that you can jump-start your journey to becoming a successful Investigator.

This ON-LINE training system will provide you, a successful Investigator, with all the templates that you need to succeed. You will learn Cyber Investigations, Pre-surveillance, Mobile Vehicle Surveillance, On-foot Surveillance, Surveillance Video Quality, and how to create an investigative report that is fit for litigation.

To date, this training program consists of over 500 informational lessons, videos, and exercises that provide a step-by-step path on how to gain the ability to perform as a Professional Investigator.

ICPI Level 101 takes one optional ON-LINE Zoom class day to complete along with 100 hours of high-quality investigative methodology training content that will make you a skilled Private Investigator well on your way to becoming an expert in this industry.

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