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how to become a detective in canada

About Novel Data Investigative Learning INC.


how to become a private investigator in canad



To provide a clear path through meaningful education for aspiring Investigators to obtain gainful employment as they start their careers, and for Investigators who have less than 2000 hours of field experience.


To provide meaningful professional investigative e-Learning and in-class educational environments where participants learn while acquiring practical and tangible skills. This will lead to ongoing professional development and career advancement.   

This highly specialized profession can be the ultimate catch-22 situation.

In the case of people interested in pursuing a career as a Private Investigator, generally, you need experience to get hired and you need to get hired to gain experience.
Due to the highly specific nature of the work performed and conducted as an Investigator, Novel Data founders recognized that there were no educational options that were detailed and yet tangible for aspiring Private Investigators. There was a major educational gap for new and interested people wanting to pursue a career as a Private Investigator or even just individuals looking to expand their skills and knowledge in this field.

Students will gain needed skills, clarity, insights, and direction during their first few years. Students will understand what will be required or expected of them as they continue to learn and gain experience all while developing into a reputable sought-after after and established Investigator.

private investigator school


Novel Data's vision is to create a standard of training for aspiring or established Private Investigators as well as specialized training for insurance organizations, corporations, and legal service organizations worldwide.

Students will be empowered through Novel Data’s academic, pragmatic, and tangible training. This leads to advancement or gainful employment with reputable companies.

With Novel Data’s realization of its “purpose and vision” we will contribute to the next generation of Investigators, raising the standards and expectations of clients and creating new opportunities for continued professional development for private investigative services.


Novel Data Investigative Learning Inc.

More About US

Sean Cote - Novel Data Investigative Learning Inc

Sean Cote

  • LinkedIn

President & CEO

Instructor & Co-Founder with Twenty-two years as a Professional Private Investigator.

​Owned and operated several successful Risk Mitigation & Private Investigation Companies, eventually selling to one of the largest Risk Mitigation & Investigation Firms in North America. 

Traveled domestically and internationally conducting investigations. Managed, taught, and mentored Investigators for 22 years.

Peter Sandru - Novel Data Investigative Learning Inc

Peter Sandru

  • LinkedIn

Vice President

Instructor & Co-Founder with Eleven years as a Professional Private Investigator. 


Peter has spent more than a decade conducting investigations and security throughout the world, primarily for corporations, law firms, and government agencies.


Peter has assisted in the creation of numerous investigative & security training programs in various capacities. 

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