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How to Write a Private Investigator Surveillance Report

The reason Private Investigators new to the career can’t write good surveillance Investigator reports is due to the alien nature of an objective report, which is not taught in school.

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New Private Investigators will have gone through over a decade of schooling, being taught proper writing that is fit for publications. This is not Private Investigator report writing. A proper Private Investigator surveillance report will need to be written with five reporting concepts: objectively reporting, correct witness conformation, conforming language, the use of past/ present tense, and the use of "need to know" information.

The concept of writing in a manner to allow the reader to make their own conclusions will be hard for a new Private Investigators to grasp without utilizing and understanding the five concepts. It is easy (and wrong) to write for a surveillance report: “the subject drove fast.” On the contrary, it is difficult (and correct) to explain the posted speed limit and average speed others were driving in comparison to the subject. The latter being the correct way for a report. Without proper Private Investigator report training, a PI just starting their career will not grasp this Investigator report writing style.

PI in back of truck cab with camera

After learning objectively reporting, correct witness conformation, conforming language,

the use of past/ present tense, and the use of "need to know" information, a Private Investigator will be able to create a well written surveillance report. This report will be easy to read and understand for non-Private Investigators, such as the client. Furthermore, writing in this correct manner will make the report litigious and fit for litigation. With a little education in this subject, new PIs will have no trouble creating high quality surveillance reports.

Report Writing Certification

Get a certificate that "actually" matters. When you get certified by Novel Data in Surveillance Report Writing for Private Investigators, Private Investigator agencies will be aware that you are capable to write a report that fits their high standards. This will give you a great competitive edge in the PI job market. Most PI applicants know nothing about how to write a surveillance report. Not you. A PI hiring manager will not want to risk turnaround by hiring someone unfamiliar with reporting, they will choose an applicant who is familiar with surveillance report writing. With Novel Data's certification, that applicant will be you! Upon completion, you will receive a certificate for Surveillance Report Writing for Private Investigators.

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