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Private Investigator Equipment

A good Private Investigator will have a lot of equipment and Private Investigator tools. This equipment will range from professional camcorders/ covert spy cameras to the Investigator's clothes and surveillance vehicle maintenance items. If you are serious about becoming a Private Investigator, you will have to overcome the obstacle of cost. Proper PI equipment will require an investment. However, that investment will pay you dividends in the work you will be able to accomplish with the proper Investigative equipment.

Types of Private Investigator Items

  1. Surveillance recording equipment

  2. Tactical equipment

  3. Outfit items

  4. Surveillance vehicle maintenance items

  5. Physical comfort items

Sony FDR-AX33 4K

The Camera

A Professional Investigator camera will have several features:

  1. -Manuel focus

  2. -View finder

  3. -Image stabilization

  4. -HD quality

  5. -Long range zoom capability

backup camera

The Backup Camera

It will be rare for you to require a backup camera, should your main camera malfunction. I have been performing surveillance operations for over a decade and never had to use my backup camera. The only feature this camera needs is to be durable, so it can last years in your Gearbag.

spy camera fob

The Spy Camera Key FOB

Do not get a cheap spy camera, it will malfunction during covert surveillance. You will need a spy camera that is durable and can take high definition video. A key FOB is great for covertly filming in many different directions without drawing unwanted attention.

spy pen

The Spy Pen Camera

The spy pen camera is great for filming the subject at a very close proximity when you need your hands free. The camera being in a front breast pocket allows you to capture the subject's face when you are in close.

spy camera

The Spy Beverage Container

The spy beverage container is great for places where you need your hands free, such as filming a subject at the gym.