How to Become a Security Guard in New Jersey

The route to becoming a Security Guard in New Jersey is similar to a lot of other American states: you need to meet basic requirements such as age, language proficiency, and other usual security licensing requirements of this nature.

However, there is one big difference with New Jersey's security licensing process:

  • you need to take a government approved Security Guard licensing course after, not before, submitting your Security Guard license application.

In New Jersey, the government body that controls a NJ Security Guard's license is

  • the New Jersey State Police


So, it is the NJ State Police that will have to approve your NJ Security Guard licensing course. The NJ State Police will accept the 25hr security training course if it is taught by a SORA authorized security academy.

  • Just make sure your security course is taught by a SORA licensed school.

  • Information on the approved training will be made available to you after your application is submitted.

Once you submit the proof of your ability to meet the requirements to the NJ State