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How to Become a Security Guard in Manitoba

Becoming a Security Guard in Manitoba is similar to a lot of other provinces: you need to meet basic security licensing requirements such as age, language proficiency, and other usual requirements of this nature.

Manitoba security training

Furthermore, to get a Security Guard license in Manitoba, you need to take a government approved MB Security Guard licensing course.

In Manitoba, the government body that controls a MB Security Guard's license is the Private Investigators and Security Guards Program governed under The Private Investigators and Security Guards Act.

So, it is the PISGP that will have a list of approved Manitoba Security Guard licensing courses available on their website.


Once you submit the proof of your ability to meet the requirements and completion of the MB security training course to the PISGP, you will get your Manitoba Security Guard license.

Manitoba Security Guard License Requirements

  1. Age: You must be 18yo or older.

  2. Criminal Record: You cannot have a criminal record of any kind or be under investigation for a crime. You will need to submit a criminal records check to the Manitoba PISGP. You can obtain a criminal records check via the RCMP. This records check will be called "Employment Police Information Check" and will need to include 1. CPIC, 2. Vulnerable Sector, and 3. Local Database.

  3. Child Abuse Registry Check: You will need to get this records check by going to the Child and Family Services website.

  4. Canadian Citizen: You need to be a Canadian citizen or be legally allowed to work in Manitoba. You will have to submit a copy of government ID to the PISGP.

  5. English: You must be able to speak and write in English.

  6. MB Government Approved Security License Course: You will need to complete a security license course approved by the PISGP and submit proof of completion. View a list of approved security training providers on the PISGP website.

  7. Passport Photo: You will have to provide the PISGP with a certified passport photo. Most passport photo services can often certify a passport photo.

  8. Fee: You will have to pay a small licensing fee, around $30CAD.

  9. Submitting: The documents you submit can be sent to the PISGP office via mail or online uploading.

Manitoba Security Guard Salary

Manitoba Investigator Application Information

Manitoba Online Handcuff Certification

All Manitoba students of the provincial Handcuff Certification course will be emailed free access to our online investigations course: ICPI Level 100.

MB security application
Download PDF • 140KB
Credit Card Usage Form
Download PDF • 135KB

Mail application to:

Manitoba Justice Private Investigators and Security Guards Program

1800 –155 Carlton


MB R3C 3H8

Manitoba security license

What Does a Manitoba Security Guard Do?

Manitoba Security Guards Patrol Vacant Locations

Manitoba Security Guards will do foot patrols of locations for a set number of times per shift.

A common task for a Manitoba Security Guard will be checking mechanical rooms for any unusual signs or potential health and safety issues.

Manitoba Security Guards watch for hazards and fill out hazard reports (Manitoba Guards write a lot of reports).

Guards in Manitoba document and report maintenance issues to supervisors.

Many Manitoba security sites require Guards to monitor fire extinguishers to ensure that they are not overdue for inspection (official reviews are done by maintenance personnel).

Manitoba Security Guards write a lot, including filling in logs as their shifts progresses with what activities are being done at what times. Manitoba Guards will have their own security notebooks and will constantly note all unusual sightings, occurrences, and incidents.

Manitoba Security Guards will respond to alarms and act accordingly as per the Emergency Response plan set in place by supervisors. This may include,

Evacuation of the security site.

Checking alarm system on the way out for information about where the problem is occurring.

Contacting supervisors.

Responding to incidents and completing all reports as necessary.

Manitoba Security Guards Protect Sites with Customers

If a Manitoba Security Guard is working in a team environment, they will usually meet for a pre-shift briefing at a set location. Once the meeting has been completed the Manitoba Security Guards will go directly to their designated sites.

In Manitoba security site locations with customers, Guards will do a lot of patrolling. This can be in a building or outside in places such as p