How to Become a Private Investigator in Queensland Australia

To become a licensed Private Investigator in Queensland does not require investigative experience or education/ Private Investigator training. The state of Queensland will issue you a Queensland Private Investigator's license if you meet the basic Qld Private Investigator requirements and have a PI sponsor/ employer. This license is called Restricted Private Investigator. You do not need to take a Private Investigator course for this license. When you get your Queensland Restricted PI license, you'll need to know how to perform investigations fit for Private Investigations, such as surveillance. After learning how to perform investigations, you can simply work as a Private Investigator in Queensland. To become a Private Investigator in Qld that can perform, it is recommended that you first learn how to work investigations relevant to the PI industry, such as surveillance for insurance fraud files. The fact that Queensland does not have experience or education requirements does not mean that the quality of investigations is less in Queensland than in other states. In fact, due to poor state industry standards, having a PI license in general does not make you a qualified Investigator regardless of experience or education requirements. The poor industry standard come from the non-relevant experience most, if not all, states require of you to become a licensed Private Investigator. This non-relevant experience can be education degrees and non-PI investigative experience.

Private Detective Aptitude Test

Restricted Private Investigator Requirements

  1. You must be 18yo or older.