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private investigator training
private investigator course
how to become a private investigator
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Learn from Investigators that have worked in the field and around the world. One of the hardest parts of getting a start! is....

Getting Hired 

With Novel Data Investigative Learnings private investigator training courses, you will gain knowledge and meaningful tangible skills to reduce or eliminate the risk to employers in hiring someone with little to no experience.

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how to be a private investigator

Participants learn from experienced investigative instructors from around the world & Get Hired

Professional Investigative e-Learning and in-class educational environments where students learn and acquire practical and tangible skills. This leads to better awareness and understanding while engaging with or conducting Investigative Services.  Our courses go in-depth to teach you how to become a private investigator.

Global Consortium of Highly Trained and Experienced Investigators

Private Investigator Training on How to Become a Private Investigator.

Live instruction from First Class professionals that are driven through their experiences in the field, to mentor, and educate students around the world.

becoming a private investigator
private investigator training

Digital Virtual Learning

Professional Private Investigator Training & instruction. Self-Paced and Live Instruction with world-class content from the privacy of your home or office.


In-person Intensive Sessions

Live Virtual  Sessions 

becoming a private investigator
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become a private investigator

ICPI 100

         Self-paced e-Learning           

        Start anytime with our online        e-Learning Platform

The ICPI 100 course has been designed so that anyone taking the course, once completed, should be confident that they have what it takes and want to pursue a career as a Private Investigator. Participants will gain a broad understanding of how the industry is structured. Participants will also learn what types of file assignments are considered traditional and how or where does someone “new” to the business “Get Hired” and get their “start.”. 
private investigator training online
how to become a private investigator

ICPI 101

Live Virtual & In-Person

Intensive Sessions

Please call or email us or fill out the Registration Form

for upcoming course dates in Feb March, and the rest of 2021.

Successful completion of ICPI 101 will empower Students with meaningful & tangible skills that employers are looking for in new hires, without the prerequisite of experience. Completion of ICPI 101 will build students' confidence through acquired and tangible skills or techniques. Most importantly our courses will reduce or eliminate the risk to companies looking to hire new or inexperienced Investigators.

private investigator training
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