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Private Investigator Training


an Investigation or Surveillance 

Shouldn't be



Engaging with a Private Investigator 


Designed to highlight and demystify the capabilities of a Professional Investigator. Content is client-focused toward insurance companies, associations, TPA's, Case or Claims Managers, Independent Adjusters, Paralegals, Lawyers, SIU, Corporate Investigators & Security as well as public and private corporations.

This course or session will detail and outline, in general, what should be expected when hiring an Investigator and engaging with an investigative firm.

  1. Topics covered are what is a modern Professional Investigator?

  2. Why is experience, equipment, and training the determining factors in the success of any investigation?

  3. How has the Investigative Industry changed and how are things evolving?

The course or session will also highlight some industry standards and optimal engagement processes or protocols with investigative companies. Furthermore, the topics of best practices for engagement, standards, KPI’s, SOP's, and expected outcomes will be covered.

Open Source Investigations Processes & Techniques


Successful completion of the course OSIPT will provide a solid foundation for researchers and Investigators. Course participants will learn how to search/navigate undetected using various social media sites, apps, and programs.  All processes and techniques are lawful and if applied correctly should not be contestable. In addition to explaining and exploring different data sources, much time will be spent on managing data or evidence and learning to corroborate information. In order for process and technique to produce meaningful results, course participants will learn and develop their Investigative Mindset. Course participants will attain tangible and applicable skills needed for measurable consistent results.

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