What is a Forensic Investigator?

A Forensic Investigator is basically an Investigator that establishes evidence based on scientific methods. The Forensic Investigator can examine and establish both physical evidence and digital evidence. The evidence that a Forensic Investigator produces is to be utilized in litigation, both civil and criminal. This means that a Forensic Investigator can be in the employ of a government organization such as law enforcement or employed in the private sector. Both types of Forensic Investigators will often produce their evidence in litigation as “expert witnesses.”

A simple example of forensics can be seen with fingerprint matching or even matching a footprint pattern. A Forensic Investigator can establish a connection from an incident to an individual based on their fingerprint or shoe print and its discovery at a location. The Forensic Investigator can testify as an expert witness on how they connected the patterns to the individual that is the subject of the litigation. This can go even further, with the Forensic Investigator establishing connections using DNA or chemistry. In fact, there are thousands of methods Forensic Investigators can utilize to establish connections to individuals based on physical science.

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Along with physical evidence, digital evidence can also be established using forensics. A Digital Forensic Investigator can discover connections to individuals based on on-line digital footprints. Furthermore, digital evidence can be found on devices utilized by individuals. This is important in cases were individuals use devices for computer crimes, such as identity fraud.

Regardless of the form of evidence, both physical or digital, Forensic Investigators will establish the evidence based on the Scientific Method: observation will lead to research then to a hypothesis. This will lead to testing and eventually a report that will be used in litigation, often with the Forensic Investigator testifying in a formal legal setting.

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