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Novel Data Investigative Learning

Introduction to a Career as a Professional Private Investigator

How to Become a Private Investigator

ICPI - 101

Successful completion of ICPI 101will empower Students with meaningful & tangible skills that employers are looking for in new hires without the prerequisite experience. Completion of ICPI 101 will build students' confidence and most importantly reduce or eliminate the risk to companies looking to hire “new” inexperienced Investigators.

How to become a private investigator with no experience
Private investigator training course

In addition, students will attain tangible and applicable skills needed for success as they start their careers and will create a solid foundation for valuable development and successful outcome of investigations. Students will gain skills, clarity, insights, and direction. This will benefit them during their first few years. ICPI 101 will help Investigators to understand what will be required or expected of them while they learn and gain experience, developing them into a reputable sought after established Professional Private Investigator.

This course is taught with world-class Private Investigators, many of whom are still working on assignments but have a passion for teaching, mentoring, and telling meaningful stories. Classes are instructed via live remote video (Zoom Video) an accompanied by a distance learning platform. 

Classes are also offered in an in-person intensive format over consecutive 6 days. Our instructors and or participants will travel to a predetermined location on a predetermined date organized in advance.

* COVID 19 - no in-person classes are being offered at this time due to new social distancing guidelines. We will reschedule and resume our in-person classes when we are able.   

Novel Data Investigative Learning PI Training Course
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