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Security Guard Salary Louisiana

Unfortunately, Security Guards in Louisiana performing basic security jobs do not make much of a private security salary.

Furthermore, Louisiana security companies who provide basic security services have revenue issues as well: low profit margins.

So, how much is a Security Guard salary in Louisiana?

  • The salary for a new Louisiana Security Guard with no experience will be around $22,000.

  • This can go up to around $37,000 for an experienced Louisiana Security Guard.

However, a salary is not commonly used for Louisiana Security Guards, an hourly rate is. This low rate for basic security services should not be a deterrent to entering the security industry. This is because Louisiana has a great and robust specialized security industry. This leaves a lot of room for advancement, leading to a much higher salary along the way.

Louisiana Security Guard Hourly Rate

An hourly rate for a rookie Louisiana Security Guard is usually just a little above the federal minimum wage rate:

  • Around $12 per hour.

This means a new Louisiana Security Guard would make a salary of approximately $22,000 per year.

The hourly rate for an experienced Louisiana Security Guard will just be a few bucks more:

  • Around $18 per hour.

This would slightly increase the salary from $22k for a new Louisiana Security Guard to around $37,000 for an experienced Louisiana Security Guard. It's unfortunate that it is not that much of a jump in pay. However, as mentioned before, Louisiana Security Guards have lucrative options in more specialized security fields.

Security Guard Salary Louisiana Summary

  1. New LA Security Guard $22,000USD per year

  2. Experienced Security Guard $37,000USD per year

Executive Protection Salary Louisiana Summary

  1. New Body Guard $55,000USD per year

  2. Experienced Body Guard $95,000USD per year

how much does security guard make LA?

The low pay for basic security services is generally due to the low rate Louisiana security companies charge their clients. This leaves a small profit margin for the Louisiana security company and not much left over for the Security Guard.

To run a very profitable security company in Louisiana that only provides basic security services, the security provider must have an enormous client base. So, a Louisiana Security Guard might be able to increase their salary by working for a larger security company.

security guard salary LA

The low pay issues for many countries in regards to security is also due to the fact that they do not have specialized security fields. A Security Guard's job in these countries will just usually involve patrolling and site security, this does not pay that much.

Thankfully, Louisiana does not have this problem. There are many specialized security fields Security Guards can get into, such as armed security. These specialized fields will often come with larger salaries.

The most lucrative security field in Louisiana is probably executive protection (Body Guard). This will require specialized training in "close protection." The rate for an experienced and capable Body Guard will be around $50 per hour which is roughly a salary of $95,000. The only issue with executive protection is that it is a very specialized filed which will take a lot of education and experience to get into.

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