How to Become a Security Guard in Rhode Island

The path to becoming a Security Guard in Rhode Island is unlike a lot of the other US states.

  • The difference is that there is no direct government application for a state Security Guard license.

  • A RI Security Guard is regulated through their Rhode Island security employer.

This means your Rhode Island security employer will register you as a security guard with the state of Rhode Island via

  • the Office of the Attorney General Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.

So, you'll still need to meet basic requirements such as age, language proficiency, and other usual security licensing requirements of this nature.

To become a Security Guard in most states, you need to take a government approved Security Guard licensing course.

  • In Rhode Island, your employer will administer this training.

Once you get hired by a RI security company you will become a Rhode Island Security Guard with a license called "Guard Card."