How to Become a Security Guard in Ohio

To Become a Security Guard in Ohio does not require a Security Guard license. Furthermore, Security Guard licensing for individuals really does not exist in Ohio. The Security Guard license equivalent in Ohio is to be registered as an employee of an OH security company. You will get a registration card for this called "Registration Card," or sometimes called an Ohio Guard Card. This card lists what jobs you can qualify for, such as Security Officer.

So, to become a licensed Security Guard in Ohio means to be hired by an Ohio security company which will register you with the state as a Security Officer. Then you will receive your Registration Card with the listed qualification of Security Officer.

  • As an Ohio Security Guard, you will be regulated through your OH security employer.

So, to become a Security Guard in Ohio, you will have to meet the requirements via your OH security employer.

OH Security Guard Employee Requirements

(Ohio Guard Card)

  1. Age: You must