How to Become a Security Guard in North Carolina

To Become a Security Guard in North Carolina does not require a Security Guard license. Furthermore, Security Guard licensing for employees does not really exist in North Carolina. The closest equivalent to a Security Guard license in North Carolina is to operate as a Security Guard as your own business.

  • As a North Carolina Security Guard, you will be regulated through your NC security employer.

So, to become a Security Guard in North Carolina, you will have to meet the requirements via your NC security employer. Once your NC security company registers you as a Security Guard you will get a registration card:

  • Security Guard Registration Card.

NC Security Guard Employee Requirements

North Carolina Department of Public safety

  1. Age: You must be 18yo or older for NC unarmed security. You must be 21yo or older for NC armed security.

  2. North Carolina Security Sponsor: You must be employed by a North Carolina security company. Your first step in becoming a NC Security Guard will begin with getting employed.