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Carjacking, How to Avoid it

Unfortunately, carjacking is still a common crime committed on unsuspecting citizens. There are many methods and tricks to avoid getting carjacked; however, we will focus on four simple and easy actions you can implement immediately:

  • block out the interior

  • use auto locks

  • avoid high crime areas

  • always be moving

Firstly, you want to stop would-be car thieves from being able to see in your vehicle. If this fails, the contingency plan is for you to have your car doors locked. You can also avoid high risk carjacking locations altogether. A high crime location is usually a likely place for you to get carjacked. If all else fails, just keep moving. A moving vehicle is a vehicle that’s very difficult to carjack.

Don't Let Carjackers See You

Blocking out the interior is a great way to avoid all sorts of auto crime, including carjacking. This is because many criminals simply move on when minor issues and obstacles are thrown in their way. If a criminal discovers a vehicle that does not have a visible interior, they will not want to risk breaking into it if it contains no valuables. The same holds true for carjacking. A carjacker will typically feel uncomfortable steeling a vehicle if they cannot see who is inside. There could be a large physically powerful individual driving or multiple people in the car. A carjacker usually would not want this risk.

So, how do you block your interior? The answer is tint. You’ll want %5 tint on your back windows. The percent rating for tint means how much light can pass through. Obviously, %5 is very little light. This makes %5 tint difficult to see through. Unfortunately, many governments ban tinting your two front door windows. However, if this affects you, %5 tint on the rear can still make the whole car interior dark enough to cause visibility issues from the outside. If you are allowed to protect yourself with front door tint, consult a specialist for the best and safest tint percentage. If you are unable to drive safely with any tint, just avoid tinting altogether.

Lock Your Doors

If tint fails to prevent an attempted carjacking, your first line of physical defense will be your door locks. This is where auto locking doors come into play. Many vehicles have their doors automatically lock when you put the vehicle in the drive gear. If your vehicle does not have this carjack prevention feature, you can have them installed by most locksmiths. If you do not plan to go down this path, the next best tactic is to simply lock your car doors immediately upon entering the vehicle. This is also a great procedure to always implement regardless of having auto locking doors. You should always have your car locked after entering to prevent carjacking.

avoid carjacking

Avoid High Crime Areas

You can mitigate the risk of carjacking altogether by avoiding high crime areas. Most high crime areas are known to the general public and this is where a carjacking would likely occur. If you are unaware of these high crime areas in advanced, simply change course when you enter one. When entering a crime ridden area, you will see the typical signs of danger so you'll have time to react.

how to stop a carjacking

Keep Moving

Now, if the worst happens and you are the victim of an attempted carjacking, you can avoid having your vehicle stolen by continuing to move. There are many ways for you to safely and legally keep on driving. If you are driving down a stretch of road, simply continue to drive regardless of someone approaching or talking to you. To prepare for this situation, keep a vigilant eye out for pedestrians and don't give them an opportunity to get close to your car. You can also make legal right turns at stop signs and red lights if that path is a safer alternative. No matter what, drive in a safe and legal manner.

Hopefully we have given you some basic information to help keep you safe. Set up your vehicle to not make it a target. If it becomes a target, your locks will stop someone from entering your vehicle. We hope that this will make it so you are never in this situation and you can avoid this situation by avoiding high risk carjacking locations. If all else fails, keep on moving.


About the Author


Peter Sandru is an Instructor & Co-Founder of NDIL with over 15 years working in security and has been the victim of multiple on the job carjacking attempts. Peter has spent more than a decade conducting security operations throughout the world, primarily for corporations, law firms, and government agencies. Peter has assisted in the creation of numerous security training programs in various capacities.

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