Why New Private Investigators Can't Write Good Reports

Updated: Jul 5

The reason Private Investigators new to the career can’t write good reports is due to the alien nature of an objective report, which is not taught in school. New Private Investigators will have gone through over a decade of schooling, being taught proper writing that is fit for publications. This is not Private Investigator report writing.

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The concept of writing in a manner to allow the reader make their own conclusions will be hard for a new Private Investigators to grasp. It is easy to write for a surveillance report: “the subject drove fast.” On the contrary, it is difficult to explain the posted speed limit and average speed others were driving in comparison to the subject. The latter being the correct way for a report. Other concepts new Private Investigators will not be aware of can be writing what was actually witnessed vs assumptions, using non-confirming words, and adding “Need to Know” information. Without proper Private Investigator training, a PI just starting their career will not grasp this.

Don’t worry. New Private Investigators can become great at writing a Private Investigator formatted report. NDIL's 101 level Private Investigator online course offers training on this subject. With a little proper education on report writing early on, new Private Investigators will have the fundamental grasp to create well-constructed litigious reports.

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