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Hidden Camera Detector, What is it?

A hidden camera detector is just one of the many instruments a technician uses in the service of technical surveillance countermeasures. TSCM is the process of detecting electronic monitoring devices, such as hidden cameras, in various locations.

Discovering hidden cameras, along with other spy devices, is a service offered by technicians in the private sector. Furthermore, TSCM (which includes camera detection) is a highly technical and specialized field in the private industry that only a few Investigators are capable of.

A vast amount of skill and experience is required to perform TSCM along with very expensive instruments, including the hidden camera detector.

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Hidden Camera Locations

Hidden camera detection will involve searching various locations:

  • residences

  • vehicles

  • offices

  • and many other places

Furthermore, technicians can also use their skill/ experience to find video monitoring methods in software such as computers and smartphones. These are just a few examples of the many different places a video recording device can be discovered.

Victims of Hidden Cameras

There are many reasons individuals and organizations could be subject to being spied upon by video monitoring devices.

Businesses are sometimes found to be involved in corporate espionage:

  • Obtaining valuable company information from competitors

People are also occasionally the victim of video spying for reasons such as personal disputes or unjustly retribution

Thankfully, with TSCM, the victims of video spying devices have a solution.

hidden camera detector

How Does a Hidden Camera Detector Work?

So, how does a hidden camera detector work and what is it?

  • A hidden camera detector works by letting the user view infrared radiation light

Hidden cameras, such as a spy pen, can get detected by IR light due to the fact that they often emit very small amounts of this light.

There are many cheap hidden camera detectors on the market, including smartphone applications.

However, cheap detectors will often not work well. They are too weak and will miss hidden cameras that let off too small an amount of IR light.

Unfortunately, an expensive, powerful, and complex infrared detector will need to be used. A proper hidden camera detector will set the user back a few thousand dollars.

Need TSCM Help?

IR camera detector

Does your business or home not feel right? What should you do if you feel like someone might be watching you through a hidden camera?

New Data Risk Solutions & Investigations provides professional comprehensive Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) also known as bug sweeping eavesdropping detection. Our Investigative technicians will provide bug sweeping eavesdropping detection for any vehicle, office, home, or room. Our Investigators will "sweep" offices, boardrooms, homes, and vehicles for hidden cameras, tapped phones, and electronic listening devices.

We only use the latest technology and techniques. Our experts are trained to deal with all aspects of transmitted voice/ data communications. Our experts are capable of inspecting for cutting edge listening devices and old school analogue devices, plus any means for which others can manipulate in order to listen-in to private conversations.

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