Car Theft, 7 Ways to Prevent it!

There are many ways to prevent auto theft; however, we have seven things you can do right now to prevent a criminal from breaking in to your car and even stopping them from stealing it outright.

The biggest preventative measure you can implement immediately is just not to tempt car thieves:

  • Hide your valuables!

Do not leave valuables in your car or hide them. Most criminals are skittish, so deterrents can be very effective. The visual of a steering wheel club or security sticker can make criminals think your car is not worth their time.

If a thief makes it into your vehicles, do not let them steal it. You can do this by using immobilizers or kill switches.

Lastly, when you leave your car unattended, park it in a spot that will make it unlikely for criminals to target it.

If you implement these seven tips, your chances of suffering an auto crime should go down drastically.