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What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is a written statement that is used specifically as evidence in court. An affidavit is a verified statement:

  • The statement is verified to have been made voluntary.

  • The statement is verified to have been made by the individual who signed the document.

This verification can be done by anyone who is authorized by the legal system, such as a notary public.

affidavit document being signed

An affidavit is a written statement or declaration made under oath, typically in a legal context, where an individual affirms the truthfulness of the information contained in the document. Affidavits are commonly used in various legal proceedings, including court cases, administrative hearings, and other situations where a sworn statement is required to establish facts or provide evidence. The person making the affidavit, known as the affiant, must sign the document and often have it notarized to confirm that they made the statement voluntarily and truthfully.

The content of an affidavit typically includes detailed information about the facts, events, or circumstances that the affiant has personal knowledge of. It may be used to support or contest a legal claim, present evidence, or provide a firsthand account of events. Affidavits are valuable in court proceedings because they offer a formal, verifiable record of a person's testimony or knowledge, and they can be used in lieu of live testimony in certain situations.

Affidavits play a crucial role in the legal system by providing a way to present evidence or information that can be relied upon as truthful and accurate. If an individual knowingly provides false information in an affidavit, they may face legal consequences, as perjury laws typically apply. Attorneys, parties to a case, and witnesses often use affidavits to support their positions or provide essential information to the court, making them an important tool for ensuring the proper administration of justice.


About the Author

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Peter Sandru is an Instructor & Co-Founder of NDIL with over 15 years as a Professional Investigator. Peter has spent more than a decade conducting investigations throughout the world, primarily for corporations, law firms, and government agencies. Peter has assisted in the creation of many Toronto Private Investigator training programs in various capacities.

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